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Yogasarvasya Workshops, Retreats & Events


(The Art of Conscious Breathing) 

with Bonar Hutchison 

Pranayama workshop dates are usually the first Sunday of every month

Sunday July 7th, 10am-12pm 

Sunday August 4th, 10am-12pm 

Sunday September 1st, 10am-12pm 

More dates to come....

Suitable for students with a regular Iyengar Yoga practice of over two years with experience of practicing inversions or their alternatives.

Please have the appropriate yoga equipment available on the day*. 


with Bonar Hutchison 

In these workshops we’ll be looking at introducing key intermediate level poses into your regular home practice

(These workshops are suitable for students with over two years of regular yoga practice).

Venue: Studio Harmony 
Unit 19, 6 Harmony Row
Glasgow, G51 3BA 

***Limited places available. Please book early to reserve your space***


The Workshop dates:

‘Introducing Backbends into your practice’: Saturday, 27th of July ‘24, 12-3pm (Cost: £30) 

‘Looking at Inversions’: Saturday, 31st of August ‘24, 12-3pm (Cost: £30) 

‘Introducing Pranayama into your practice’: Saturday, 28th of September ‘24, 12-3pm (Cost: £30

Book your workshops here

*For all Pranayama & Restorative online workshops and classes please have a yoga mat, 2 yoga bricks, 4 blocks, (1 or 2), 2m yoga belts and a cotton yoga blanket. A yoga chair and a bolster can also be useful with certain postures. All links are usually sent at least a day before the class or workshop starts to your email address provided. 

Iyengar Yoga Workshops at
Yogasarvasya Studio, Glasgow
(2006 - 2020) 

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